Selecting a Supplement

Selecting a Supplement

“If your health is important to you, then so should be the Safety & Quality of nutritional supplement that you take”

Credible information on safety and effectiveness is essential and should be your primary consideration while selecting a supplement.

What have the critics to say

Critics of the supplement industry unfortunately point out cases where some manufacturers haven’t done a good job of following standards. Several supplements have been shown to not reliably contain the ingredients stated on the label and to contain other ingredients not listed on the label.

The critics further believe that most of such like supplements are not sold for optimal health, but for optimal profits and information on packaging and label is often misleading!

ANS’ Seal of Assurance

Every ANS product bears a seal of Quality assurance as “Laboratory Tested Dietary Supplement”. This seal of assurance is located on the front principal panel of the label.

The seal of assurance means that the supplement contains the exact ingredients, exact potency and the exact amount that is listed on the label.

The seal also means that the supplement does not contain any illegal or WADA/NADA banned substance that could harm your health.

The Quality & Safety of ANS products has sufficiently been demonstrated and has been evaluated and acknowledged by various authorities, government agencies, experts and sports scientists over the years.

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