PROMASS incorporates a timed-release protein blend, where the combination of ingredients is intended to deliver varied absorption rates for providing an immediate and sustained release of amino acids for building and protecting muscle.

PROMASS ensures an extended feeding time of up to 7 hours to the muscle, meaning that a constant supply of amino acids is supporting your muscle nutritional needs and you stay anti-catabolic throughout.

PROMASS is naturally high in BCAAs (17.44g) and Glutamine (16.55g) per 100g and fortified with Chromium Picolinate & L-Lysine for packing on pure muscle. The addition of anti-catabolic L-Glutamine to prevent destruction of muscle tissue and digestive enzyme Papain for better digestion & absorption of protein makes PROMASS ideal for all types of athletes, sportspersons and those following a low carbohydrate life style.

Each 100 g of PROMASS provides:

  • 70 g of actual protein for faster muscle growth.
  • 17.44 g of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine,Valine) to provide higher stimulation to protein synthesis and speed muscle recovery for faster muscle growth.
  • 16.55 g of conditionally essential anti-catabolic amino acid Glutamine to preserve muscle mass for giving you the right support for packing on Bigger, Better muscle.
  • 8.90 g of the growth factor L-Lysine for growth and development of new muscle protein.
  • 2000 mcg of Chromium Picolinate (250 mcg of elemental chromium) to draw more amino acids into muscles to further enhance protein synthesis and muscle growth.
  • 150 mg of Papain to improve digestibility of proteins for better amino acid absorption.


Add two heaped scoops (approx. 40g) of PROMASS to a glass of water/milk or as per your requirement. Stir briskly to give a smooth shake.

For optimum results, PROMASS should be taken within 30-45 minutes post-exercise.