Mega Amino Mass

ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS incorporates a unique blend of powerful synergistic ingredients that influence superior sports and athletic performance.

Each 100 g of ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS provides: -

  • 35 gms of a blend of high quality Whey and Milk Protein
  • 4 gms of pure Creatine monohydrate
  • 2 gms of pure Glutamine
  • 2 gms    of a blend of Branched-chain       and other amino acids – including Arginine, Taurine and Methionine
  • 800 mcg of Chromium   Picolinate
  • 47 gms of Glycocarbs.

The comprehensive ALL-IN -ONE formula of ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS is best suited for Body-builders, Power, Strength and Endurance athletes.

ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS is designed to enhance muscle strength and energy, increase lean muscle mass, quickens muscle recovery and helps improve endurance.

Anyone, who wants to build muscles faster, be more toned by increasing lean muscle mass and lose that little extra fat should supplement with ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS.

All those involved in high intensity exercise, experiencing physical stress and fatigue should supplement with ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS for incredible results!


For a delicious nutritious shake, add 2 level scoops (approx. 50gms) of ANS’ MEGA AMINO MASS to half a glass of water. Consume two times a day or as per your requirement.

Mega Amino Mass