Carbo 8000

The scientifically advanced formula of CARBO 8000 represents the latest nutritional technology in Endurance Drinks and is designed for athletes who participate in High-Endurance sport.

 CARBO 8000 incorporates:

  • A precise blend of moderate and high GI carbohydrates to provide an efficient energy release to the working muscles
  • A highly bio – available protein blend loaded with specific ratios of Branched – Chain and other amino acids for maximizing the rate of Glycogen synthesis 
  • Fat mobilizers to assist the transport and metabolism of fat for conversion to energy
  • L- Glutamine, antioxidant vitamins and minerals to limit oxidative stress and protect muscles from damage by free radicals

 CARBO 8000 is an ideal supplement to help load carbs  (Carb Loading)

 CARBO 8000 is available in a delicious strawberry – vanilla flavour.


 For Endurance activities: Add 2 – 3 heaped scoops CARBO 8000 to a glass of water or milk.

 For Carbo-loading:  Add 4 heaped scoops of CARBO 8000 to a glass of water / milk. Stir briskly to give a smooth drink.

Carbo 8000